Tots Room (2 - 3 yrs)

A broad play based curriculum is planned for each week including all areas of development and your child’s individual needs and interests. Support is given by your child’s key worker to extend and enhance the learning experiences.

Our Tots room has a partly strcutured timetable to enable the children to understand our routine and the exciting activities we have planned for them.

Staff spend time supporting you and your child with toilet training techniques to ensure this is a positive experience for them. Your child will be supported with excellent hygiene practises such as hand washing and everyday task such as dressing themselves and interacting with others.

We encourage and support children in dealing with their emotions in an appropriate way and manage challenging behaviour in a positive manner, working in partnership with parents/carers to ensure consistent boundaries are applied throughout your child’s life.

Children are taught our golden rules, which reinforces acceptable behaviour and staff focus on reinforcing positive behaviour through praise and encouragement.