Pre-School (3 - 5 yrs)

Our Pre school room is all about encouraging independence & making the most of learning through play. The children sit down each morning and afternoon with the staff for registration, discussing the weather and have circle time to develop numeracy and literacy skills.

Each day a child is selected as the star of the day and they are given the responsibility for moving the conductor along the carriages of our visual time table and helping give out bowls at snack time. The room is organised into the areas of learning from the EYFS framework, which enables the children the freedom to explore and learn in a way that suits them best.

Your child will be assigned a key person, who is responsible for planning for your child’s learning and development. Staff ensure your child’s learning is supported and extended to ensure they are given the best opportunities and in preparation for starting school.

We liaise with your child’s school to share information and ensure a smooth transition for your child in this important milestone in their lives.

Having a qualified teacher as part of our staff helps prepare our Pre-schoolers for school. We offer one to one mathematics and phonic sessions which are carried out twice a week for just five minutes long. We also embed "jolly phonics", shape and number activities into our daily routines. Children don't realise they're learning because they are having so much fun.