Meal Times

We have a qualified cook on site that devises a 4 weekly rotating menu which is healthy & ensures a well balanced diet, the menus also reflect the 4 seasons. Our food is homemade, freshly prepared & ensures we are offering 5 a day for every child each day. We offer a selection of cereals each morning for breakfast, a six platter of fruit or vegetable sticks for snack which we offer twice a day morning & afternoon, lunch is served at 12pm followed by dessert & our snack tea is served at 4pm to tide the children over before home time.

The Babies also have their own weaning menus based on Annabel Karmel’s recipes. We have 2 weaning stages in operation & the staff work together with the Parents to ensure we are providing for their child’s individual needs. We are also able to cater for all dietary requirements. We have been awarded a 5 Star rating for our kitchen by the Health & Safety Executives (HSE).


We have 4 different menus that we provide – details can be seen below:
Week 1 Weaning Stage 1
Week 1 Weaning Stage 2
Week 2 Weaning Stage 1
Week 2 Weaning Stage 2
Week 1 Menu
Week 2 Menu
Week 3 Menu
Week 4 Menu