Baby Room (0 - 2 yrs)

[Maximum capacity 15]

We believe that parents are central to their child’s well being and development. We work closely with each family to share information and create a tailored care programme that will create a positive experience for your child in a home from home environment.

We offer a wide range of planned experiences that encourage exploration, investigation and develop sensory awareness.

The baby room is a self-contained unit that has its own outdoor area, a separate sleep room and nappy changing facilities.  The room is well organised to ensure that all resources are attractive, accessible and arranged for the children to become independent learners.

Your child will be allocated a key person who will be responsible for all your child’s individual care and development needs throughout their day. He/she will spend time observing your child and evaluating their development needs to create a unique development plan that ensures learning is taken forward; we also take into consideration the interest of each individual child.

Each day you will receive a detailed message sheet providing you with the information on all aspects of your child’s day at nursery.

Our onsite cook will work in conjunction with you to develop a weaning programme suitable to your child’s needs. We use Annabel Karmel’s recipes to create suitable, highly nutritious meals for your child. We do cater for individual dietary needs and requirements on request.

When the parents request it or when the child reaches their 1st birthday, they start on our normal menu. Here is a copy of our summer 2014 menus.

We promote healthy eating at all times and only offer milk or water to drink and fruit or vegetable sticks at snack time. We do not use any processed foods as everything is freshly prepared each day.